Tuition Payment

The Student Stop accepts Paypal payments. To use this service, an account must be setup with Paypal. Please fill out the monthly tuition form to use as a guide and deliver the completed form to The Student Stop via email or hand delivery.

Rate Table:

Sessions Child 1 Rate Child 2 Rate Child 3 Rate
AM Session Flat Fee $7.00 $7.00 $7.00
Registered Hourly $6.00 $5.40 5.40
Registered Daily $40.00 $36.00 $36.00
Occasional Drop In Hourly $7.50 $7.50 $7.50
Occasional Drop In Daily $50.00 $50.00 $50.00

There is a one hour minimum charge and .5 hour increments will be accepted there after.

The Student Stop only issues credits if we have been notified of an absence 24 hours in advance.

Registration Forms and Guideline

Please note, when paying tuition on-line using PayPay, there will be a $.60 + 3% fee that will be automatically added on for each on-line transaction.